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My writing has been divided between fiction and academic legal publications, though since I retired from my academic post a few years ago it has focused completely upon fiction. My early fiction was mainly science fiction, or general fiction with a speculative element, but more recently the emphasis has shifted to crime and general fiction.

As well as short stories and other works, I have written 8 novels. The first 3 are ’prentice efforts which are better remaining buried, although the first of them did make it into print in a German translation in 1985. The other five have been published (see below).

Five of the novels, and also the magazine Mind Boggling Science Fiction, have their own web pages.



1985 – A Variety of Sensations Ullstein. Published only in Germany (as Der Computermensch)

1988 – The Krugg Syndrome Grafton Books

1990 – The Canongate Strangler Dog and Bone

2012/ 2018 – The Cyber Puppets published in 2012 as an E book by Brain in a Jar Books and reissued in 2018 as a paperback and E book by Matador books.

2017 – Close Quarters Matador Books

2019 – Murder in the Merchant City Polygon.

Short stories

‘The Superstition’ (Impulse, June 1966)
This was the first story I ever wrote, at the age of 21.  Unaccountably, and alone amongst my earliest work, it found its way into print, earning me £10. It is so bad that I subsequently bought every second-hand copy of the offending magazine that I came across, in an attempt to protect my modest reputation by taking it off the market. This is a pity since this issue of the magazine also contains an excellent story entitled “George” by my friend the late Chris Boyce. However, when Chris told me that he no longer had a copy of that issue, I was able to present him with one from my collection.

‘The Law of the Jungle’ (Emu, 1972, reprinted in Mind Boggling Science Fiction, 1995)

‘What Dreams May Come.’ This was a runner up in a competition run by the BBC book programme Read All About It in 1978. Starfield Sci-Fi by Scottish WritersThe BBC later told me that they had, rather bizarrely, sold the story to Woman magazine, where it duly appeared, wrapped round an advert for Heinz Toast Toppers. It was later published in a German translation in the anthology Science Fiction Story Reader (ed Franke) in 1979, and (in English) in Starfield (hardback 1989, paperback 2018), an anthology of science fiction stories by Scottish writers, edited by Duncan Lunan.
“No SF collection would be complete without its ‘dystopias.’ Angus McAllister offers a particularly chilling and claustrophobic one, guaranteed to have you going for a long walk in the fresh air after reading it.”The Glasgow Herald

‘Complex Persecution’  This was a runner up in a short story competition run by Omni magazine in 1980, and was published in Mind Boggling Science Fiction in 1995. A shorter version of this story appeared in DRABBLE II – Double Century (ed Meades & Wake) 1990)

‘To Put Aside Childish Things’ (The Lyre, 1993)

‘Servant of the Greebl’ (Mind Boggling Science Fiction, 1995)

‘The 4-Dimensional Cuckold’ (Mind Boggling Science Fiction, 1995)

‘Bread and Circuses’ (Mind Boggling Science Fiction, 1995)

‘The Software Ripper’ (Shipbuilding, 1995, also published in Nowa Fantastyka, Poland, 1996) This is a sort of sequel to my novel The Canongate Strangler. Here the murderer is resurrected as a computer virus.

‘Running on at Adventures’ (Nova Scotia (ed Williamson & Wilson) 2005)

‘The Losers’ (Caledonia Dreamin’, (ed Duncan & Kelso) 2013)

‘The List’ (Adapted from the novel Murder in the Merchant City and containing a major spoiler for readers of that book.) (The Strand Magazine online, 2017)


The Canongate Strangler This radio play, which was later developed into my novel of the same name, was broadcast in Germany in 1983 and repeated many times.


Books and book sections

Scottish Law of Leases, Butterworths/Bloomsbury Professional, 4 editions, 1989, 1995, 2002 & 2013.Scottish Law of Leases by Angus McAllister
“Angus McAllister is to be commended for his contribution to the understanding of the Scottish law of leases since 1989.” Journal of the Law Society of Scotland. Read the full review HERE.

Scottish Property Law, Butterworths, 1992 (with Thomas G Guthrie) *

Scottish Planning Law, Butterworths, two editions, 1994 and 1999 (with Raymond McMaster) +

Scottish Business Administration Manual, W Green, 2000 (Chapter on Property and Planning Law)

 Law of Delict (ed Thomson), W Green/Scottish Universities Law Institute, 2008 (Section on Occupiers’ Liability)

 Scottish Business Law, W Green, 3rd edn 2015 (Chapter on Law of Property)

Articles & Misc

I have written a number of legal articles (published in the Scots Law Times, Juridical Review and Scottish Law and Practice Quarterly) and also presented a number of conference papers.

* A second edition of this book by Thomas G Guthrie was published by Tottel (now Bloomsbury Professional) in 2005

+ A third edition of this book by Raymond McMaster, Allan Prior and John Watchman was published by Bloomsbury Professional in 2013