Angus McAllister, author.

My new novel Close Quarters is now available.

I have worked as a solicitor and university professor and I am now retired. I have written several legal textbooks and a number of legal articles, as well as fiction. My earlier novels include The Krugg Syndrome, The Canongate Strangler and The Cyber Puppets.

My latest novel, Close Quarters, was published by Matador in May 2017. The Cyber Puppets, which is currently only available as an E book, is due to be reissued by Matador, both as a paperback and as an E book, in the spring of 2018

A bit about me…


I originally qualified as a solicitor and practised law for several years, before becoming an academic for the rest of my career.  In 2013, I retired from my post as Professor of Law at the University of the West of Scotland and am now able to concentrate full time on writing fiction.

I have written several legal textbooks and a number of legal articles, but also wrote fiction from any early age.  My first story, “The Superstition”, was published in a science fiction magazine in 1966.

My earliest work was science fiction, and I experienced an early success with my SF story “What Dreams May Come”, which won a prize in a BBC competition in 1978.  In more recent years my work has moved in a different direction, and my new novel is not science fiction at all.

Close Quarters, a satirical comedy set in Glasgow, was published by Matador on 28th May 2017, and can be ordered from below:

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